Writing a Check

Click here for an image of the check and all the features.

  • Write today's date on the date line in the upper right corner of the check.
  • Find the "Pay to the Order of" line in the center of the check. Write the name of the person or company that you want to pay on this line.
  • On the next line down, write the dollar amount in words, starting as close to the left of the check as possible. After you have written the amount, if there is any room to the right of it, draw a horizontal line to fill the empty space. Make sure that the space is filled so that no one can alter the number. For example:
    "Nine Seventy Six and 52/100--------------------------------------------------------"
  • To the right of the "Pay to the Order of" line, you will see a "$" symbol next to an empty rectangle. Write the dollar amount in numbers in the rectangle (for example: 976.52).
  • Sign your name on the horizontal line in the lower right corner of the check.
  • (Optional) The memo line can be used to make a note of what the check was used for or to include a billing account number.
  • After writing a check, enter the date, check amount, and "Pay to the Order" of information into your checkbook register. Deduct the amount of the check from your account balance.
  • Remove the check from the checkbook and give it or send it to the payee.

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