Sick of Having Credit Card Debt? Become Debt Free in 2022

Credit counselors are certified professionals who will analyze your financial picture and can help you get a better handle on your credit and get out of debt.

Don't Make These 5 Holiday Shopping Mistakes

Stay out of financial trouble by avoiding these holiday shopping mistakes, including waiting too long to shop, neglecting to budget, and putting off paying your debts.

Best Budgeting Tips to Get Out of Debt

No one wants to suffer from crippling debt. Here are some of the best budgeting tips that will help you get out of debt for good!

Should I Pay off My Car or Buy a New One?

We are often asked “what is the best way to boost my credit score”?  Is paying off a debt do better than continue to pay off the debt?

The Benefits of Using a Credit Counseling Service

Credit counseling professionals are certified trained professionals who are experienced in navigating budgets, debt, and working with credit lenders.

Is Debt Settlement Worth It?

Struggling with debt? Instead of opting for debt settlement, consider enrolling in a debt management program | CCCS of Iowa can help

Buy Now and Pay Later - Is it a Rip Off?

Buy now and pay later, sounds like a great concept, but is it? 

What Does a Credit Counselor Do?

Credit counselors can help provide advice and education on how to budget your finances better, get out of debt, and get back on track toward financial freedom!

How Soon Will Paying Off Debt Improve My Credit Score

Utilizing a debt management program will help you get a better hold of your finances and significantly improve your credit score.

The Building Blocks of Financial Health

From enrolling in a debt management program to developing a realistic budget, here are some great tips to build a healthier financial future.

What Are Your Options When Your COVID Forbearance Ends?

Worried about your forbearance period ending for your student loans, credit cards, or mortgage payments? A debt management plan can help get you back on track.

How to make your Debt Management Program Successful

If you have decided that a Debt Management Program (DMP) is a good solution for resolving your current debt situation, then congratulations on your first step towards improve credit and less financial

Save More Money By Paying Off Your Debt

Temporary revenue streams may not be the end-all, however, and if you’re still struggling with debt, now might be the time to look into a debt management program.

Maintaining and Creating a Grocery Budget

When creating a monthly budget, many monthly expenses are fixed, but one that tends to vary for most people is their grocery and food expenses. How much should you spend on your groceries?

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Why Consider a Debt Management Plan?

Debt management plans are designed to be paid off within three to five years so that you’re able to climb out of debt more quickly and efficiently.

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